Operations Research, as a well-established approach to modeling and solving decision problems, and Management Science, as its contemporary and enlarged version, define a continuously evolving scientific area, which is in fact at its best during the last decade, exactly because of the increasing size and complexity of modern decision problems.

Hence this stream offers the tools and methods regarding the mathematical modeling and computational solving of the entire set of applications examined within the undergraduate degree of our Department (Logistics, Production, Services, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management). That is, the emphasis in this stream is on the methods, and the mathematical and algorithmic foundations, underlying these decision problems and applications.

Consequently, this stream is designed to provide a horizontal (rather than vertical) approach, in order for its graduate to be flexible and competitive as a professional. This implies that the graduate of this stream will be capable of working both as an internal analyst within a specialized organization (in the service sector or in transport and logistics or in industry) and a consultant within a consultancy firm.

In parallel, the horizontal approach of this stream leads to a solid background on analytics and computational methods for decision making, which is appropriate for multiple topics to be followed at a postgraduate level (from Computer Science to Management).

Specifically, the content of the courses in that stream includes:

  • Advanced topics in Operations Research and Decision Systems
  • Fundamental and specialized topics in Production and Operations Management
  • Methods and approaches for Financial Engineering
  • Design of algorithms and methods of Combinatorial Optimization
  • Modeling of stochastic decision problems through stochastic processes or simulation

All courses include the modeling and solving of applications and case-studies as well as the introduction to relevant software or the coding of algorithms through a programming language.

Stream Courses