E-Business offers the opportunity to increase the competitiveness of enterprises (with innovative business models, personalized interactive services, data analysis of purchasing behavior, etc.) and the creation of new enterprises exploiting the potential of digital media (e.g. Internet cloud, mobile). Innovation is also a key tool in the modern business environment for increased productivity, value added services, global competitiveness and sustainable development

The purpose of this stream includes:

  • Providing expertise in technical and organizational aspects of e-business
  • Exploring the possibilities of innovation and strategy in dynamic new entrepreneurship
  • The practical application of the above to create innovative business models / services / enterprises in a real-life environment with emphasis on the use of new  advanced technologies

Graduates can be employed:

  • As specialists in e-commerce, digital marketing and analytics, web applications / services, etc.
  • As junior executives in companies that provide services / e-business technologies (eg service providers, etc.)
  • As junior executive of consulting companies that assist and support the creation and operation of new innovative enterprises
  • As executives (and founders) of innovative new businesses that leverage new technologies with emphasis on the Internet, mobile devices and other digital media

Stream Courses