Informatics has drastically changed the way we work, communicate, learn, socialize, and entertain ourselves while at the same time transforming garage startups into business behemoths. The goal of the Information Systems and Technologies stream is to endow the students that follow it with the way of thinking, the knowledge and the training associated with the application of informatics in all areas of our life.

The stream is designed to provide specialized theoretical and practical knowledge of the complete lifecycle of the main technologies that are used in modern business, and to capitalize and deepen the basic knowledge and skills of business computing that were acquired during the student’s first years.

The stream’s goal is to prepare an organization’s future technical or management staff to address the challenges they will face in the productive, balanced and innovative use of information technology within the organization. Students taking this stream can work

  • as executives in information technology, communication, IT services, and management consulting companies,
  • as executives in IT departments in medium-sized and large companies
  • as specialists in emerging fields, like big data processing, social networks, mobile applications, e-learning, internet businesses, knowledge management, digital media, and digital marketing.

Stream Courses