The goal of the Strategy and Human Resources stream is to endow the students that follow it with the knowledge and the skills that are required for the management of companies and organizations in the frame of the complex entrepreneurial landscape taking into consideration the changing employment relationships.

The stream is designed to:

  • provide theoretical and practical knowledge on human resources management and leadership as well as on business innovation, strategy and strategic change, in the frame of the global economy
  • shape the way of thinking and develop the managerial, organizational and personal skills that are necessary for managers in order to face the contemporary challenges.
  • assist students to understand the interaction between business strategy and effective human resource management
  • help graduates who are interested in entrepreneurships and starting their own business to comprehend the role and the importance of effective human resource practices in a small organizations or a start-up

Students taking this stream can work as:

  • Executives in every company and organization
  • Executives in human resource management departments
  • Executives in consulting / human resource management consulting firms
  • Business trainers
  • Entrepreneurs

Stream Courses